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We recognize that the welfare of young teenagers who attend events at Attitude Disco is paramount & that we undoubtedly have a duty of care. Therefore, we will do everything in our power to provide a caring and safe environment for young people to enjoy the entertainment we provide.

Health and Safety is the highest priority for our events, which are fully supervised. We aim to provide teenagers with the ultimate nightclub experience with top local and international DJs & personal appearances.

We are keen to liaise with parents and schools as much as possible and any feedback is welcomed to enable us to constantly improve and maintain a professionally run event.


  • TICKET ONLY - No ticket no entry.

  • Entry Refusal = NO REFUND.

  • You may be subject to a breath test, both randomly and if there is any suspicion you have consumed alcohol, refusal to take this test will result in no entry to the premises.

  • You may be subject to a search by trained staff upon arrival, refusal to search will result in no entry to the premises.

  • Soft drinks and water are available to purchase.

  • No alcohol.

  • No illegal substances.

  • No cigarettes or vapes.

  • No chewing gum.

  • No sports team jerseys/tops.

  • Attitude are not responsible for any personal items lost or damaged on the premises or during an event.

  • No food or drink to be brought into the event.

  • Attitude is not responsible for any young person outside of the building, it is the parent or guardian’s responsibility to ensure their young person gains entry.  If the young person is not permitted entry into the premises this will clearly be identifiable as they will not be able to gain access into the venue entry.


  • If they arrive via bus their parents will be contacted to arrange collection.

  • If a young person with a medical condition or disability or other, wishes to attend the event, please contact management on 07542853105 prior to the event so we can plan ahead.

  • Attitude reserves the right to refuse entry.

  • Attitude reserves the right to contact the young persons parent or guardian, should their behaviour be deemed unacceptable.

  • When using a bus partner, it is the parent or guardian's responsibility to complete the contact information form that the bus driver will carry to the venue, this should be done at the parents or guardian's drop off point.  A parent or guardian's name and number will be required against every individual on the bus and entry will be refused if this is not completed.

  • We do not tolerate any bad behaviour, abusive language, bullying (verbal or physical) to other patrons or event staff.

  • All those admitted must remain inside the premises until the Disco concludes at 12.00am.  Only a parent/legal guardian can collect the child from the venue before this time.

  • All young people must be collected by 12.15am


Our photographs are taken inside the venue and posted on our social media platforms. Videos will be professionally produced on some occasions – mainly when we have a live act or celebrity appearance, by allowing your child to enter an Attitude event you are consenting for images taken at the event to be used in promotional material and across our online platforms.


Persons wishing not to be photographed are advised not to attend the event. Please note some flash photography may take place during the events and also some strobe lighting will be used.


Attitude Disco events are for young persons aged 11-13 and 14-17 years old. These are ran as two completely separate events so please be aware of what event your child is wanting to attend. Any young person willing to gain access into Attitude Disco may be asked to produce an appropriate photo ID.

Security staff & management have the right to contact the young person's parent or guardian for proof of the young person’s date of birth.   Please ensure your young person has a copy of the ticket or QR code either on their phones or a paper copy.


We do not tolerate any bad behaviour, abusive language, bullying (verbal or physical abuse) to other patrons or event staff. In the event of any of the above taking place, parents or guardians will be contacted to collect their child at Attitude Disco. This is a fun event in which we promote respectful treatment of others in a non-discriminative environment.


The dress code is casual. However no football or sports top are permitted inside the venue. A cloak room is available at £1 per item for any teenagers who may have belongings they want to place there. we understand young people will want to carry their mobile phone with them but we ask parents to remind them that it is their own responsibility to ensure that phones are kept safe. Attitude Disco cannot be held responsible for any personal items lost or damaged during an event.


Breath tests and searches are primarily undertaken to prevent alcohol, cigarettes, illegal substances and weapons being brought into the premises and will be conducted by our trained security staff. Any person that declines to be searched will be refused entry & steps will be taken to contact their parent/guardian to collect them.

Our security staff (both male & female) are registered with the security industry association (SIA) & also hold child protection certificates.

We regularly consult with the local PSNI for advice and discuss teen events. We inform the local police prior to every teen event and welcome their presence on the night.

These tests/searches will be carried out on Molesworth Street, you will not be able to gain access to the entry into the nightclub if these test/searches are refused/failed and this process will be clearly identifiable for parents dropping off. Please do not leave the area until you know your child has gained entry.


Alcohol, Smoking
& Illegal Substances

Attitude events do not permit the use of alcohol, cigarettes or illegal substances. If we have a suspicion of a young person being under the influence of any of the above, we will take the appropriate steps to ensure the safety of the young person.  If the young person has arrived via bus, then we will use the list provided but the bus partner to contact their parent/guardian to arrange collection. If the young person has arrived via car, as requested above, the parent/guardian should remain in the vicinity to take the young person home. In the unlikely case of illegal substances being found on a teenager we will contact the local PSNI immediately. Only soft drinks are available to purchase and no alcohol branding is displayed. Any teenager who tries to enter an Attitude event with cigarettes/vapes will be asked to dispose of them in the bin provided.


It is the parents’ responsibility to contact Attitude on 07542853105 24hrs prior to an event to discuss the needs of the young person attending.  They will be allocated a young person’s co-ordinator who will be fully trained in first aid and will be able to administer emergency medication, only on the completion of a “Permission to administer emergency medication” form.  The young persons

co-ordinator will also be responsible for ensuring safe excavation from the building of their young person in the event of an emergency.

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